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Japan Lubricant Manufacturer


Ichiro Corporation Co Japan is a prestige lubricant oil manufacturer that is a key distributor for the lubricant oil market in the Asia Pacific Region. Our commitment for a greener future is deeply rooted in our oil manufacturing process, and that is to engineer ecological lubricant oil products. We are able to produce superior high performance Ichiro lubricant oil by merging superior additives and premium base stocks.

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Ichiro Attributes


A Diverse Range of Products

Ichiro prioritise in Research & Development efforts to manufacture optimal performing products for its application. Ichiro has Lubricant Oil Products that covers all lubricant requirements ranging from Automotive to Industrial Industries.

Growth by Quality Assurance

Ichiro tests all oil products with strict protocols, to maintain quality for product integrity. Whenever you purchase Ichiro Lubricant Oil, you can be assured that all our products are tested professionally and held to a high regards with ISO standards.

Awards & Certification

As a prestige Japanese Lubricant Oil Manufacturer, Ichiro is held highly with regards & endorsed by organisations & customers. Browse the variety of awards & certification awarded to Ichiro.

Seiryu (せいりゅう · 青竜)

Passenger Car Motor Oil
Motorcycle Oil

Suzaku (すざく · 朱雀)

Diesel Engine Oil

Byakko (びゃっこ · 白虎)

Transmission Fluid
Gear Oil

Genbu (げんぶ · 玄武)

Industrial Oil
Marine Oil