Seiryu (せいりゅう · 青竜)

Passenger Car Motor Oil

Extensive range of car engine lubricating products with prime formulation that meets the highest API Standards, striving to give your car the right balance between performance and value.

Motorcycle Oil

Specially formulated motorcycle lubricant oil, for various engine requirements. Ichiro specialise in Syntehtic & group 2 Hydrocracked Base Oil Blends, satisfactory for large touring motorbike, performance racers & scooters.

Suzaku (すざく · 朱雀)

Diesel Engine Oil

Ichiro Diesel Engine Lubricant Oil provides the full protection for your diesel engines, meeting the highest API Standards and key value features include :

  • Fuel Economical
  • Low Emissions
  • Extended Drain Capability

Byakko (びゃっこ · 白虎)

Transmission Fluid

Protect your engine transmission with Ichiro Transmission Fluid with excellent lubrication, smooth shifting, cooler operating temperatures and longer usage. Explore Transmission Fluid that caters to your transmission needs, be it Dual Clutch, CVT, MV High or Low Vis.

Gear Oil

Ichiro Gear Oils protects synchronizers & friction damage in gears. Formulated for high efficiency & enhanced wear protection for prolonged use.

Genbu (げんぶ · 玄武)

Industrial Oil

Formulated to add value to your operation, maximize
equipment efficiency, prolong machine life, reduce downtime
and give you substantial savings.

Marine Oil

We have lubricant specially formulated for ships, coastal
vessels, tugboats, land-based stationary power-generation
equipment and EMD Railroad use.